Thursday, November 16, 2006

Knitting news.

Well, knitting has been occurring in tits and farts ;0)

Ma's Xmas Pomatomous socks - completed *yay*
J's 2nd pair Xmas socks - 2/3 done.
M's fuzzy feet - completed just awaiting suede soles from Get Knitted.
My fuzzy feet - will be completed by end of today.
J's knitted snake - hum about 1/2 done.

Of the Xmas knitting if I have time - I want to make Mike a new Chullo and a scarf for Ma.

Other knitting;

My own sock design - 2/3 done - they are so lovely.
Wavy scarf - 1/2 done
Own design lace stole - 1/3 done.
Secret lace - hardly touched cos of all the Xmas knitting!!!

Yesterday I dyed some Debbie Bliss 100% Merino DK weight - trying to replicate some favourite colours ways from other yarn houses (which I managed quite well). The best bit was the use of some wonderful beetroot juice - thanks to my SIL. I diluted this and added a good drop of vinegar and got the most delicious bluey light pink - just the tone I needed. I had such fun - I love to dye.

Piccies of stuff to follow - when I can do a bonanza of all the FO's at once.

Have a good one.

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Wow so productive! Pics of the knits! Pics of the knits! We demand some pics of the knits!