Monday, November 06, 2006

Tweek and Twonk

I told J the story of my cousin and how when we were kids he had this stylized bird thingy called Crow and that Crow used to attack stuff and have all these adventures. I described what it looked like and J was desperate to obtain one - but we're talking 70's stuff and I'm sure Rob found his in junk even then. I promised ages ago to attempt to make something similar - and today I finally got around to it *sigh*.

So here are Tweek (the blue one) and Twonk - J helped in their creation and they are currently perched on the bookshelf waiting for their glue to dry. I just hope they are not as naughty as Crow was - he regularly wrecked my dolls house! OK I no longer have a dolls house (well I do - the same one but that's in the attic) but I have other stuff and these two sure look naughty to me.

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yuvee said...

They are so funny(in a cute way)!