Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lets get fuzzy.

M's fuzzy feet pre-felt.
My scrap fuzzy feet pre-felt.
Mine after felt.

M's after felt and soled *woohoo*

All I have to add is this;

Oh Theresa, you're such a pleaser
A diamond geezer of fuzzy feet.
My feet are toasty
And I can boasty
It's cos your pattern
Is so dang neat!

It's all down to you dear,
That chilblains can't get near
And that my tootsies are warm
And sweet.

So cheers Theresa
A knitting Caesar
I thank you for
My Fuzzy feet.

(Fuzzy Feet are a pattern published in Knitty and if you haven't made them should!)


Susann said...

The Fuzzy Feet are gorgeous! Aren't they great for using up scraps and as a bonus they are absolutely unique.

Laura said...

Great Fuzzy Feet! I love the pattern, too. Theresa is a superstar.

Where did you get the soles for your slippers? I want to put some on mine!

Zonda said...

Nice job on those! I especially like the scrap ones! Gotta get those soles too! I bet that makes them last lots longer! :)

Theresa said...

WOW! I'm ... speechless! :-)Just... WOW!