Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mrs Grunty - the puppy years.

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As Lottie is fast approaching her 4th birthday, I thought I'd post a puppy picture of her. I've had dogs all my life but she was the nortiest puppy I've ever, ever encountered.

She wasn't destructive, other than her own toys and her first bed, she wasn't a chewer, what she was, was a monster. A biting, snappy, scrabbly little beastie who wasn't affectionate unless she was sleepy and sleepy was always rather brief.

If I am honest there were times when I despaired of her ever becoming a well behaved and loving pet. She still has a lot of funny, quirky little ways but she has become more than I ever dreamed she would be. She is loving, gentle and sweet and she is a wonderful companion.

She does still get the evils now and then and Pigbat-Monkeydog still gets taken out of the box if she feels the occasion merits it. She still shakes her bluefing or her bing-bong-kong and grrrs at stuff and she still chases fairies (reflected light) - but I wouldn't change her for the world.

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