Tuesday, November 08, 2011


 I spent a good proportion of yesterday sorting out the stash. OMG not a small task and to be honest I only catalogued the fairly decent stuff. I also did my fibre stash at the same time though that is a lot smaller than the yarn and hand spun.

I found some stuff that I hadn't actually forgotten about but that were more impulse buys that I have no idea why I bought them in the first place - the above is a perfect example. The yarn is made from sugar cane fibre and is called Araucania Ruca Multi - I would say it's about 4ply weight I have 200g of the stuff...what possessed me? Even the colours no longer work for me as in recent years I have moved further and further away from my pastel/pink phase (though not completely).

I'm sure that I will one day see a pattern and think of this yarn but until then it will languish in the stash.
 The second picture is Manos Silk Blend - now this I love the colours - again I have 200g of this but I have no idea what it will ever become.
This last yarn is in my stash due to me over calculating the yardage needed for a project - I ended up with two and quarter skeins left of this lovely Nimu kid mohair lace weight - it is so pretty and with 1600+m left I know one day it will become a gorgeous shawl when the right pattern presents itself, though it will probably be a gift knit as after knitting the original project I discovered I can't wear it as it makes me itch and again my colour tastes have changed since buying this.

My day of organising have left me with not only a sense of order in all things yarn and fibre related but also has inspired me with textures and colours to get my knitting mojo all fired up (been a bit laggy lately). I am determined to get one lot of spinning finished and two projects (if possible maybe three) off the needles this week so I can use up some of the lovely yarn I rediscovered yesterday.

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