Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Early birthday pressie.

 Mrs Grunty will be 4 later this week. M came home with pressies but unfortunately the PAH bag was spotted and harassed (and as there in crickets in there) I took the path of least resistance and capitulated (otherwise there would have been crickets all over the kitchen). Mrs G chose the bunny - who has been well loved - it is sodden! But it is in one piece and still squeaks.
Fergus McNortybeard got the goose - who no longer squeaks, has had it arse ripped off and its guts removed in quite a brutal manner and with no anaesthetic.

Fergus now covets the bunny who he thinks needs the same treatment (got to be fair, no favouritism) and Lottie spent all of last night guarding the bunny from sneak attacks from the Scottie brigade.

I have taken the decision to hide both toys this morning .......just to get some peace! The war of the bunny can continue after lunch.

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