Monday, November 07, 2011

Hurrah...the return of the Grunty report.

 It has been a long weekend and all the whizzbang-pops have exhausted us-we've been run off our paws with investigating, jumping up from sleeping and woofing. So I is having a lie in this morning....this is ma belly, ma lovely pink belly - you may give it kisses if you like....but not raspberries - that will make me grrrrrrr you and show you my teggies!
As for the Boggart he's been perfecting the art of uber fast running on the spot on the slippery floor whilst barking and going nowheres. He did it so much on Thursday he has hurted his front leg and has to he decided to rest in the middle of the Monkey Fings changing the bedding on our big bed (they fink it's theirs but it so isn't). One minute he was killing the invisible scurriers that live under the duvet, the next minute is was all about the "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's".

Time for more dozies now - will post more impawtant stuff for terriers next week.

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