Thursday, November 17, 2011

Six things about me.

1) I am a total maths dunderhead. I can do arithmetic but proper math beyond fractions and I am utterly useless - my brain just locks up and I can't see what it is that I am meant to be doing.

2) I love poetry and have a particular love of poetry written for children. I love A.A. Milne, Edward Lear, Hilaire Belloc and Spike Milligan's poems and can loose myself for hours reading them - I know quite a few off by heart.

3) I love classical music and in amongst all the metal and rock stuff  I have a nice little selection of my favourites and quite often choose classical over anything else. I love it when I have the house to myself and I can play it loud enough to fill the room.

4) I hate music radio (other than radio 3). I hate radio's on in cars or houses especially if they're just left playing for noise. I really only listen to radio 4. I prefer a silent house.

5) I will always choose savoury over sweet. If we go out to eat, I'd rather have a starter than a pudding.

6) I rub my feet against each other in a circular motion before going to sleep.

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