Sunday, November 06, 2011


Yesterday I made a determined effort to be happy all day - on a normal day this would be a bloody miracle on the 5th November it would normally be nigh on impossible.

I have no idea what made for a such a huge change of perspective, perhaps it was the fact that 20 years have passed since my Da died and although I still miss him I just felt that I couldn't have a day of sad any more. I still never get the chance to let the anniversary slip by, being bonfire night, but instead of resenting it, I just went with it and had a fairly good day.

One of the things that amazed me the most about yesterday was the wonderful kindness, support and amusement I received from my friends on Facebook, they were wonderful and I think acted in the way true friends are meant to, if I'm honest they were more kind and concerned than some real life friends and family (though some of my FB buddies are real life friends and family and J and M are always brilliant). Everyone who moans about FB can't be as lucky as I am in the people I've got know on there, or perhaps it is because they are linked by certain things.....knitters, dog/cat owners or just a warped sense of fun.

I had a happy day and for everyone who helped me achieve that for the first time in 20 years - I thank you. You all totally rock.

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dusty said...

I also have some wonderful Face Book friends, most of whom I have never even met! They are kinder to me than most of my friends I have known all my life. I am sorry about the anniversary of your father, and I am happy to hear your friends kept your spirits up! You have some very special friends. x