Thursday, November 03, 2011

Just over the hill from home

 We are very lucky where we live, we have the sea just down the road and  the South Downs just round the corner.
Up the road and over the hill we also have Falmer - it's a small village wedged between the Downs, two universities and the new football stadium and it is quiet and beautiful. Even on a weekend it is unusual for it to be busy. We go there to watch the fish in the pond, the ducks and geese, the gulls and local rook population. We go there to use the wonderful farm shop and to pick blackberries and to walk the dogs who love it, lots of interesting smells and undergrowth to rummage about it and lots of good walking.
 We visit there for a few moments of calm and peace and to take pictures and explore the old churchyard.
It is a hidden gem and we love it.

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