Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I am an arctophile.

 A person who loves and/or collects bears of the 'Teddy' variety. I have two shelves in my bedroom where I keep my favourites. The picture above has (going from roof slant end) Brunel who had his paws well chewed by a very naughty Siamese kitten, sitting with him is Mike's bear 'Ted' who he had as a little boy, next to them is Jezabell who is cuddling Lois B Bearlove, next along is Leroy Brown (don't tell the others but he's my favourite bear) who is resting his chin on Arfur Bear and the last two are Charlie and Bruin Leadbum. In that lot are a couple of Steiffs and a couple of Barbara-Ann bears for anyone interested in makes and types.
On the bottom picture are Solly, Perkin aka Fred, Herman, Bungar, Zoe, Ebenezer, Sir Thomas-a-Pocket and Valentino. Another couple of Steiffs, a Herman and a Mother Hubbard in that lot.

I have other bears - some in store - some scattered about in other places. I don't really collect much any more as I haven't the £'s or quite the inclination, most of these were bought well before J was born. But I still like to have them and they still make me smile and bring me joy.

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