Saturday, October 06, 2007

Away and off with the


We're off on our hols for a few days from Monday. The packing lists are written, the mammoth laundry monster is in the process of being tamed, knitting and books are being sorted through and the ipod is on to charge.

I am so looking forward to a complete break with limited travelling. Fair Isle was wonderful the amount of travelling was tiring and had an effect that was longer reaching than I anticipated.

It will be nice to reach our destination and know that we are set put for a good few days - relying on feet and bikes to get us fucking ferries - I'm not even going on a piddling pedalo, they can keep the canoes and windsurfers!!!! I've kinda had enough of water (other than jacuzzi stylie) for a while.

I fully intend to walk, eat, knit, read, relax, imbibe of red falling down water, knit some more, sauna lots, knit even get where I'm going with this?

So I bid you adieu.....see you in a week, be good, no goofing off etc.

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Jo said...

happy holidays Peri, hope its stressless and just what you wish for!