Sunday, October 28, 2007

Grouchiness abounds.

1) Stop fucking with the time - it is pointless and messes with my head!

2) How can 1 child be so annoying and make so much mess in such a short space of time and always on a Sunday morning...... I ask you.... loose a slipper in the house so that it's disappeared into a slipper eating time warp!.

3) Weather!!! Need I say more? Murphy's law - got all the chores done yesterday so today we could go somewhere specific and spend all day out of doors and it rains.

4) I hate being the grumpy - it's almost at its zenith - give it a few more hours and it'll peak. I don't even have pmt as an excuse.

5) People who leave lights on *arghhhhhhhhhhhh*.


allelejean said...

Are you talking about Daylight Savings time? It got moved back this year until the first Sunday in November. :D

Sorry you're having a rough time of it!

peri said...

Ahhh but BST (British Summer Time) ended at 2.00am this morning!