Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Show me the way to go home.

Blogger has piccie hiccups - I'll post them later via flicker.

We left Fair Isle (via the ferry *gulp*) a day earlier than planned. Not cos we were unhappy, quite the contrary in fact, but we had flights to Aberdeen booked, M had to get back to work and to go on call and we were both missing J! We got the 7.30 ferry - not as rough - but still no picnic - I hunkered down on the back bench under a blanket and slept.

People are so kind up that way - one of the locals showed us the bus stop from the pier, on route another local offered a lift to the stop at the airport so we could warm up with a brew whilst waiting for a bus to Lerwick - in fact the whole time we were north of the border we met with nothing but warmth and kindness - after living down south it came as a shock!!!

We found a B & B - clean, warm and welcoming, spent a day exploring Lerwick - they have the best museum - really well put together and fascinating. Caught an earlier flight and drove all the way down the country back to Brighton in about 10 and half hours!

Now we wait...............and talk it all through.....no matter what the forum or NTS decide we have to be 100% sure that moving to Fair Isle is the right thing for all of us - Me, M, J, the animals - and also what the effect of us going will have on our wider family that we will leave behind. We are talking a lot!

Next week we're away on the family holiday to CentreParcs - distance away from home will I think help us weigh up what it best for us all. It is all a muddle in my head at the moment - a relaxing week of saunas should calm down the whirring turmoil :-D

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