Sunday, October 14, 2007

Back again.

Great holiday! Not as relaxing as normal but that's the difference between going with 1 kid and going with 3 I think. Very little knitting but lots of walking, saunas, swimming and a lovely massage. On the 1st morning I sat on the patio with my cuppa - it was around 7.00am - peaceful - a little Roe deer appeared out of the mist and we looked at each other carefully - the deer put its head down and munched and I thoughtfully sipped my tea (yay for a Hazel O'Connor vibe). Then a bold little grey squirrel came onto to the patio and ran around my slippered feet as bold as you like. I love those moments best of all!

The picture is of a little baby common lizard M found by our patio on holiday - he so liked the warmth of M's hand he fell asleep and sat there for ages.....isn't it lovely. I've never seen one in the wild before.

I am glad to be home though and need some recovery time, two trips so close together (and I never sleep well when I'm away) have rather drained me. I intend to spend this week catching up - though we're out tonight - got tickets to see Frankie Boyle (Mock the Week panelist) and I'm out again 1 or 2 evenings this week - tis all go!

The animals were pleased to see us back, Conkers even got on M's lap 3 times!!!! Unheard of kitty cuddles from the Bonkmeister.

*************Spider Content*************

Had to post this of Doris - look at her amazing red fluff offsetting the green. Doris is what is often called a 'New World' tarantula, this means she has two lines of defense in the form of urticating hairs (aforementioned red fluff) as well as a nasty bite. They flick the hairs using their back legs, you can see a bald patch on her bum where she has done this. If startled they flick the hairs - which itch like crazy, if that doesn't work they rear up in a threat posture and if all that fails then they bite you! Tarantulas labelled 'Old World' are held are more aggressive because they go straight to threat and bite.
This is Coleman's - who earlier this year was too small to photograph. Now a fully matured male, he moulted the night before we left on our holiday. He's a Chacco Mustard Brown Tarantula and is about a 7" span when fully stretched out. Aren't his yellow striped stockings groovy though?
The most recent picture of Tiny - who along with Doris is my favourite spider - he (or maybe she - still a baby - at about 5") is very naughty in a spider way - I never thought a tarantula would be so bold or nosey - he's always at the front of his tank. I hope that Tiny turns out to be a girlie as we seem to be blessed with too many males at the moment.

Am off now to play catch up with the laundry, it's almost all done. Then just maybe if I'm really lucky I might get some time with the needles - knitting has been almost non existent recently.

Have a restful Sunday.


Jo said...

Great to see you back, lovely to see the spiders too.

Anonymous said...

Where did you go for hols?? Deer, squirrels, LIZARDS!!! Sounds fab.
(Dentists wife)