Friday, October 26, 2007

A slog in the desert.

I love the pattern but hate the knitting.

Sahara....finished the body last night, still not sure I like it on me but I'll persevere. But all that plain knit in the round with just the odd inc/dec for light boring.....zzzzzzz!

Now I have to face the long sleeves - more of the same. It might be spending some time in the abandoned pile whilst I find a little project to give me a break.

But I must add that it's not the patterns fault, that I find plain knit a drag. The pattern is wonderfully written with really clear concise instructions - Wendy really does know her onions. I wouldn't hesitate to knit another pattern by her - such good construction! I must be a weirdo - love to knit but hate plain knitting - I need something to hold my attention - I can get through big projects when I know that in 8 rounds/rows that something different is coming up and I'll need to focus.

I have got knitting ADD at the moment. I still can't really settle to anything - other than wasting time on Facebook - ahhhhhh it's too addictive!

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glittrgirl said...

Suzanne has given you a cosmo....