Monday, October 22, 2007

Round like a circle in a spiral...

like a wheel within a wheel.
Never ending or beginning on an ever spinning wheel.

Well that's what spinning this fibre felt like....never ending that is.

This is the rest of the over dyed BFL that I started spinning on my Haldane Lewis and finished off on the Traveller (both lots were plied on the Traveller and you can't tell between them). I normally love BFL but the over dying somehow made this a bit of a pig to spin evenly. I'm happy with it now it's done - but by Friday I was so pissed of with it! I chain plied it yesterday, it's bathed and almost dry. I much prefer the new colour and it will get used - though in the end I only got about 98g in total - but hats, gloves etc - it's perfect for.

On to the next one...... :-D

Candle holder was made for me by my ever loving M - it's a favourite piece - and is much used.

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