Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The mystery of the missing mojo.

*Poof* and it was gone! My knitting mojo that is. The last months output has been abysmal. The above which was my Fair Isle travel project.....finished this morning - a month almost on a pair of plain ole vanilla socks. My 'Green socks - no ham' 2nd sock, a 2nd pair of fingerless mittens and a binky hat - both in Reggia Crazy Colour 6 ply - so quick knits.....and that's it. To say "uninspired" would be a clear case of utter understatement that it would be beyond English nature to comprehend. My knitting get up and go has got up and gone. I think it is due to the overwhelming tiredness I've been a suffering of since going oop north. Now I have a few quieter weeks planned, lets hope my equilibrium will be restored and knitting normality will resume. I did cast on for some more complicated socks yesterday....I fucked them up and had to frog 10 rows of the pattern and re-knit, solely due to a brain fart and nothing to do with the pattern, did I call myself some ripe ole names - talk about a dumbass moment!

Now as I have an at home day, until this evening, I'm going to make some soup for lunch, then after that I'll spin, listen to the latest Fibercult podcast and maybe somewhere along the way my missing mojo will reappear. Should anyone find it, cold and shivering in a dark corner of their stash please return to me asap..... I miss it!

P.S - Frankie Boyle....was non pc, rude as anything and as funny as fuck - the man truly rocks. I cried with laughter at least twice - it was more than worth the price of the ticket - to listen to the misguided pc part of the crowd (obviously at the wrong performance) gasp here and there with shock at this mans comic honesty.....so refreshing!


turtlegirl76 said...

The socks are great! Hell it takes me longer than a month to finish a pair of socks lately. But I don't generally knit on them at home. Out and about knitting. =) No worries! Fall is here. May the mojo return.

Jo said...

I thought I may of found your mojo, but it was only a dust bunny, I'm sure it will be back!