Wednesday, January 02, 2008

25 years

And if you asked me the the same question right now.....the answer would still be yes!

Some men never think of it,
You did. You'd come along
And say you'd nearly brought me flowers
But something had gone wrong.

The shop was closed. Or you had doubts -
The sort that minds like ours
Dream up incessantly. You thought
I might not want your flowers.

It made me smile and hug you then
Now I can only smile.
But, Look, the flowers you nearly bought
Have lasted all this while.

Flowers - Wendy Cope 1945-


Batty said...

Beautiful. And... congratulations! May you share many, many more.


Happy Anniversary!

DeltaDawn said...

Zowie - I missed this - CONGRATULATIONS! I aspire to 25 years and more - rare these days. Good going - many, many more wonderful years to you and yours!