Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Riding the v***t comet!

*sigh* what a long few days. Both my boys have had this noro virus thingie (Ma is feeling a bit pippy too) so far *touching wood, crossing fingers* I feel ok. Mind you, as I have been unwell now since the end of October, I think maybe I've already had more than my fair share this winter. I have go to wondering if the illness I experienced with my cough may have been this bug, wrapped up in another infection, because it is so similar to what my two poor boys have just gone through!

M is back at work today and is nearly back to normal. J managed some brekkie but is still pale and a bit weak. He's taking it easy and reading a book.

So, I've been busy with family stuff, no knitting to speak off or spinning and only a wee bit of drawing.

I am soooooooo very tired still. I think it is my body in recovery of all the illness, it's playing catch-up. My ear is almost better but still is a bit weird. It's like I have deaf days!

Ah well - "things can only get better!"

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SiressYorkie said...

I had that ear/head clogging thing about 2 winters ago. It wasn't painful, but it was really, really disruptive. I felt like one side of my head was underwater all the time. I know your pain!!