Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ear, ear, ear - what's all this then?

So am over the cold/virus/flu thing but - don't you love a but? I am so gummed up with catarrh that I have a blocked Euston Station tube on the right side and this is causing me a lot of pain. Apparently I was prone to this as a child and a couple of years back suffered from a major bout of this. I am deaf on one side (Dr recommends pain killers as anti-biotics are no good) I also have a swelling in my neck due to all the congestion so have a pain in the neck (other than J *joke*) too. All this and the very cold weather meant I didn't make it to the new SnB I wanted to go to last night *boo-hiss* hopefully I'll get there next week.

On the plus side, inspired by someones blog, I have rediscovered my delight in painting and spent most of yesterday afternoon and this morning, turfing out art supplies and painting away merrily. I ain't no Van Gough but am enjoying a dabble! So not much knitting or spinning in the last few days.

M and I celebrated 25 years of dating yesterday with a nice bottle of red and a DVD/film fest - we watched J's copy of Shrek lll - v.funny - love Puss.

Tonight (weather and ear permitting) we are going to visit Ruby - oh and SIL and her family ;-)

It's cold and snowy and I'm going to put the heating on!!!

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Batty said...

Get better! Rest, drink hot tea with honey, feel better soon! I'm also prone to ear infections and general sensitivity, so I know how much that sort of thing sucks. Cover your ears when you go outside, they don't like wind right now.