Sunday, January 20, 2008

Oh My!

How do you stop a 10 year boyling from charging about? Get the Tribble-on-legs aka Jasmine to sit on his lap! She adores my boy, she rubs around his legs, she washes him and now has progressed to squishing him with love.
Alpaca and silk mix spun and chain plied. About 100g in total.

Messy bloddy stuff, goes every where - but so soft - it's worth it.
Might be a bit MIA this week as M has been ill all weekend since Friday and had a mountain of stuff to do, removing last bits from his Mum's etc, and none of it has got done and we only have a week left *fingers crossed* until the house is no longer ours. So will be playing catch up this week.

1 comment:

Batty said...

Beautiful yarn! So worth the housecleaning!

Besides, with a big, fluffy kitty like that, nobody will notice the extra "cat hair" flying around.