Monday, January 14, 2008

Best laid plans!

Hmmm it's been a lovely weekend. Long walks along the coast, getting soaked by spray, watching little boats ride the swell, marvelling at the light on the water. Wonderful home cooked meals - roasties, proper tea - with homemade scones and cake. Glasses of wine, dozing on the sofa - not getting on with all the stuff I intended to do!!!

First up on Friday in a flurry of getting jobs done to free up time for 'fun stuff' over the weekend - M sliced through his thumb with an axe - to the bone - no less. Due to his medication he bleeds like a stuck pig, honestly the entrance to the conservatory looked like a slaughter house. So, that kind of slowed stuff up and put the kibosh on other things. He's fine, no stitches etc - it's healing well but very bruised and sore.

Then all the stuff I intended to do just went to pot. I did finish some secret sock knitting but that's about it. I've chain plied 3/4 of the bobbin and that's about it. I read the 1st Moomin book (which J started yesterday evening and has just this minute finished!) and that's about it.

Oh well - maybe today I'll get my act together and do what I intended to do over the last 2 days.

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