Monday, January 07, 2008

Ear is the late news.

In the head lines tonight.....Plain ole Vanilla socks - completed. With short-row heel! The socks took 56g so plenty left for either another pair (slightly shorter) or some gloves. I finally found the ball band *hurrah* I knew I'd put it somewhere safe - it is Mountain Colors, Bearfoot in Gold Rush 60% superwash wool, 25% mohair and 15% nylon. It is so soft and for someone who actively avoids mohair of any type - it is not itchy! Thanks again to Kathrows for the giving of this yarn. The bottle of whiskey in the back ground is not to prove what a boozer I am but to show how close it is in colour to the yarn.

Other news - still partially deaf - but it is improving. It's like living with a ham radio inside one side of my head. But the swelling in the lymph glands and neck are now reducing and the intense head pain has passed - oh thank the small mercies for that - it was sooooo scary and I couldn't sleep it hurt so much.

I have this little person who lives in my head. I jot down her stories and ideas about her and in my drawing mania of the last week, she finally manifested in person. Her name is Anjelica Button, she lives with a ginger cat called Smudgies and she and I are having so much fun in her world at the moment.

I am no great artist, but I do love drawing cartoon style art. I have had a blast inventing scenario's for this character and have produced about 20 pieces so far, including cards and postcards.

She's copyrighted under my 'dogwomendon't design' name - I have no idea what I will do with her yet. Am too busy inventing places for her to be and things for her to do. Oh, and if you wonder about the bears in the background.....I'm an arctophile and they are part of my rather large collection. Sad I know, but there it is - I'm a saddo, it's official!

Breaking news.....still catching up on podcasts *sigh*. Pomatomous 2nd sock 2/3 through gusset. Spinning - nil, other knitting nil, reading - some, mainly poetry at the moment, I have this lovely book that was my step-grandads from about 1913 and it smells like 'old books' and has some wonderful poems in it so have been dipping into that. Also ordered the set of Moomin books for, not J, I haven't read since I was whee and feel a need to revisit them. I never owned them but got them from the local children's library - so now I will have the time to read them at my leisure, I just hope they are as good as I remember.

Finally - I am making homemade chicken soup for lunch from the wonderful roast M cooked yesterday. It was a perfect Sunday lunch followed by snoozing, knitting and a traditional Sunday tea of toasted teabread and rounded off with episode 2 of Sense and Sensibility - which I am enjoying immensely!

All up to date I think :-D


Faerynuff said...

Anjelica Button is delicious :) She'd make great birthday cards and with your sense of humour I can imagine hilarious stories of her adventures.

Glad you are feeling better :)

Maggie said...

I ordered a Moomin book a few months ago... Just not had time to read it yet. I read them from the library too. Hoping to get more reading time at some stage - seem to spend all my time sorting clothes at present!

Best wishes from windy Liverpool