Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jumping on the comet!

Yep I got the lurgy! Sods law and all that. Am recovering slowly. I feel very weak and boy do I ache - it was not pleasant!

Anyway, the photo above shows my normal motley collection of pencils a mix of Caran D'arche - wet and dry and Derwent Watercolour pencils. Some of which I've owned since I took my art O'level at 16! So I decided to get some shiny new watercolour pencils in oh-so pretty colours....

Da-dah! OK they are only WHS ones - but they are artist quality and I got 36 pencils for half price so around £7.50 - the Caran D'arche ones I bought a couple of weeks back from Lawrence's (best art shop in the universe!) were 99p each, so 36 of them would be £35.64. Ma has a set of the WHS ones so I tested them out before I bought them and they are fine - not as smooth as Caran D'arche but not far off the mark. So I ordered this Sunday and they were delivered Tuesday. I've not used them as yet as have felt to weak and willocky...but maybe later today if I feel strong enough.
I did spin for a while on Monday as the above shows. This is 100% merino in silver and I am spinning it to be a lace weight single - slower progress than normal as I intend to gift this to someone, if I finish it in time!

My latest sock design is just awaiting for the 2nd sock to have it's toe grafted - tis very pretty. I would have done them last night except for an hour and a half of power cut - no way am I grafting by candle light! Will do it today and when I get some decent light will photograph them and post.

Ooooo and we finally got an exchange of contract on M's Ma's property *hurrah* so we should complete on Monday *fingers crossed* no more hassle, no more incompetent solicitor, no more endless phone calls and finally a bit more closure of grief for M! Everyone cross something for us that nothing goes 'tits up' in the next few days.....please!

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Jo said...

Don't you just love stationary...especially artists materials, we have a bit of an obsession in our house! Lovely silver too xxx hope you feel better soon!