Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Spin is spun...

and finally plied. Corriedale dyed by Angela (Fair Isle Fibres) chain plied. This skein is about 50g. I still have half a plait to go - but spinning ADD has hit home and I need a little break before going on to spin the remainder - a little (very messy) alpaca and silk break :-D
This second plait has more purple hues but mixed in with the others as and when I knit it up, I think will make a lovely blend of colours.

Other Stuff.

Today is an indoors day - with baking of bread, making of homemade chicken soup and much spinning on the cards - lovely. J is ensconced on the kitchen table making a new 'Adventures of Super Fluey' comic and is happy in his creative cloud. We spent most of last week on academic stuff and so bit of creative time is all good.

I've updated my Anjelica Button site (http://anjelicabutton.blogspot.com/) so many people have said I should write stories about her so I've kind of made a kind of beginning....have a look if you fancy.

I've also deactivated my entry on Facebook - I (another kind of) got bored with it all and it became another call on my time that I didn't want. M is still on there though.

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Jo said...

I love the knitted Angelica doll, so sweeet! Gorgeous colours in that Corriedale too!