Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Pomatomous MK lll

Hurrah - all done - at last!!
These are my January socks for SAM5 (sock-a-month 5) KAL - see blog link via my profile.

These are in Lorna's Laces S&S Multi in Devon colourway - perfect med sea colours for a watery themed sock. This is the 1st pair of these I've knitted on the recommended needle size - 2.75mm dpns - they are a much more looser knit pattern on the lace but still v.pretty and I'm pleased enough with them. I only used a skein and a quarter and they are a good fit.

Now I need to plan what to knit for my February socks :-D they won't be Pomatomous though - I love this pattern but 3 pairs is enough and I am all Pomatomi'd out!


glittrgirl said...

Gorgeous colours! I did mine on smaller needles and like the denser pattern, but yours look lovely and lacey. :)

Paige said...

So so pretty. Great yarn and beautiful knitting!