Thursday, July 19, 2007

Birdie sings the sweetest things.

Yesterday morning Ma found two baby green finches on the lawn under the bay tree. They were only just in pin, were really tiny, fluffy exposed bundles with wide open gapes. She put them with some torn up paper in a little, open box under the bay tree. Fed them some ripped up worm, ripe from the composter and left them alone. Mother finch came and fed them. Both parents were seen during the morning coming regularly to the box. In the afternoon they stopped coming!

Next doors cat, sauntered by, he was discouraged.

Every move near their box made little head bob up with gapes wide open. Still the parents didn't return.

M came home. It was a clear evening, cool breeze, setting for a very cool night. M checked them and added some hay to the paper. Still no sign of the parents.

About 9.00pm, we decided that M would climb the bay tree (monkey man) to look for a nest. No nest found - nor in any of the surrounding bushes, trees etc. We looked online at what caring for such small nestlings would entail......massive amounts of time and care. But I couldn't just leave them to die of the cold or to make a tasty feathery snack for Mr Fox -who visits us every night.

Ma had a brainwave.....unusual for her.....but....she did. A local guy R is a well known wildlife rescuer, he once rescued a badger for me that I and a work colleague had found, hit by a car but alive, at the edge of the road. We phoned him. Great guy that he is, said "Bring them straight round." I stayed with J, Ma and M walked round the block to R's house - he took them straight in. They have a far greater chance of survival with him and I could sleep last night.

Two things come to mind. Firstly, I know it is better not to interfere with wildlife but these were uninjured, healthy and by the afternoon abandoned as they should be fed at least once every 30 minutes. I am not sentimental about wildlife etc but as Ma had already moved them I felt we couldn't just leave it at that.

Secondly, R doesn't get paid to do what he does. He relies entirely on what he can earn and donations - he gives his whole life to saving local wildlife. He gave us a copy of his newsletter... I quote 'IN AND OUT So far we have had 633 birds in (of which 83 are gull chicks) and released 238. We have also had in 30 foxes, 37 squirrels, 10 rabbits, 16 hedgehogs, 2 badgers, 7 mice, a vole, a weasel and a newt.' - (Fleur Musselle, Roger's Wildlife Rescue News, July 07, issue 41). Aren't we lucky to have such a person in our community. Someone who puts their money where their mouth is. They deserve our utmost respect and thanks for all they do!

******OK soapbox is back in its cupboard*******

Normal knitting and nonsense service will resume shortly :-)

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