Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Haldane Lewis Spinning Wheel.

This is my Haldane single treadle spinning wheel which I bought 2nd hand on eBay earlier this year. I have decided not to keep it. It's a great wheel - but now I have a double treadle wheel, which I really prefer, I'm not enjoying spinning on this one as much.

So........before I put this on eBay - if any would be UK spinners are interested in a great wheel to learn me on - perilainchbury at hotmail dot com.

It has 3 bobbins and a free standing 2 bobbin lazy kate. M has given it a clean and waxed it when we got it. It is a double drive but also can be single drive with scotch tension. It has a smooth spinning action and we replaced the treadle rubber doobrey ;-) prior to me owning it, it had one careful lady owner, who had it from new and I don't think she used it all that much - it really is in good nick.

It would really need to be someone fairly local as it is quite big and would need collecting - though we could drop it off - depending on distance etc (approx 50 miles) - we are in East Sussex.

I'll hold off eBay-ing for about 10 days.......if you're interested make me an offer.

********Just a note to say that this wheel has now found a new home *********


Jo said...

OOOh Peri I'm soooo cross that you're getting snidey comments, from that anon of all people! anyway I think your blog and you're attitude are great!

Just A Knit Wit said...

I wish you were in the US, I'd buy the wheel from you in an instant!

ginny said...

I stumbled across this post when I was searching for parts/other Haldane spinning wheels. I got mine from a friend of a friend of a friend. It's missing the rod and the connectors that hold it and the bobbin onto the wheel. I've heard that it also has the flyer still, but is MIA for the time being. Do you know of anyone who would have parts for this wheel?

Mrs T said...

I have an Orkney design upright wheel. Just snapped the band....and can't get replacement anywhere. Anyone help? Or anyone point me to an upright wheel for sale?

azza said...

Mts T - if it is a single drive try the rubbery flexible drive band it makes it all so much easier, if you check ebay, I always go to forest fibres & check for ashford drive band you will find one. At forest fibres they will cut it to the right length for you. If its a double drive i always get nylon blind cord from Dunelm - dead cheap & works fine