Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Choc full of spinning goodness

"Look Mother, I'm spinning!" (for non-UKers - use of a reference from Arthur Atkinson from The Fast Show - slightly altered). M was fascinated by the images he could get whilst I was plying yarn yesterday.

Here is what it all resulted in. The is a mix of Merino and Silk.....pretty isn't it?
Here's the close up. I have never spun a mix like this before. It took me a while to find a tension that I felt comfortable with - but boy when I did I couldn't stop spinning this stuff. I spun a test on Sunday and finished this yesterday PM - there's about 50g.

The only downside was the mess - blue silky fluff everywhere - especially on my trousers (old and battered ones - used mainly for messy stuff). I have another 50g of this in a maroon without the silk being variegated - am itching to spin it.

Once this was off the wheel - just for curiosities sake I spun a little soya fibre - eieieieie - what squeaky messy stuff. The resulting yarn is nice - smooth - but I'm not in a hurry to spin more - I think it needs to be blended with something.......not sure what yet......any ideas?

Other stuff.

MIL (mother-in-law) health scare. I swear, that women has more lives than a cat! We found out on Sunday that she had a suspected throat cancer. Emergency hospital appointment had been made for 1st thing Monday for an endoscopy. She told my SIL she had to be there 1st thing, it was a 4 hr appointment requiring a general anaesthetic.......phooey! Firstly she could have attended her appointment ANYTIME in the next 14 day (so SIL missed a days work, re-arranged her kids school pick-up and her entire life for a day for.....?), secondly she didn't need to go to the hospital that required a lift about of 25 mile because she CAN'T have a general anaesthetic because she uses breathing assistance apparatus and as it would be done under a local anaesthetic she could have gone to the local hospital which is a fairly short bus journey or least wouldn't have disrupted the whole of SIL's day - who I might add is a tad pissed at her Mother right now. Finally, she's fine, nothing don't get me wrong this is good news, really good news......but, there has to be a but......she's a drama queen, who lies, schemes and gives all of us grief and this is just the latest episode. She is wringing us all dry.

Right that was longer than I intended.....must go attend to stuff, chores, packing swimming stuff, more chores, ironing, more get the picture.


Jo said...

Lovely wool/silk mix, Havent you seen any photos of groups of spinners in pinnies...just to protect their clothes? I quite fancy spining that soya fibre on baby B my little spindle, maybe into a little silky laceweight, must look out for some! See how it dyes up too! Love your freedom to vent on your blog too, I have to be careful what I say, you never know who is reading!!

Batty said...

Your spinning is lovely!

I'm glad your MIL is OK, even though there was some drama. If a person needs attention so badly they're willing to put up with endoscopy to get it... ouch.
I bet she was really scared, though. Can't blame her for not wanting to wait 2 weeks to have the endoscopy.

Jo said...

Just popped back to tell you about the fair...Its called the I Made This Fair, at St Matthews Church in Worthing, not a fibery event, although I will be attempting to sell stuff, maybe even some handspun!!

Jo said...

Me again, make sure you come and say hello if you do, although I think I will recognise you!

Lynn said...

That is gorgeous yarn you made!