Saturday, July 07, 2007

Busy bees.

M has a few days off and so far our feet don't feel like they've hit the ground. There's been outings, shopping, swimming etc all culminating in collapsing in tired heaps at the end of the day. Good tired though.

Yesterday we took an amazing drive through the back roads of the E & W Sussex countryside on route to open air museum. This is a favourite day out for all of us and it being a term time Friday, it was quite quiet. We had plenty of time and space to explore. Every time we go there J gets more from it than the time before. It was his choice of destination and he explored every nook and cranny of every building. He still loves the upstairs privy in Bayleaf best. I spent a lot of time admiring he veggie and herb gardens of the time period of the houses and in Bayleaf had the chance to have a real good look and a very, very old spinning wheel that was treadle-less and the wheel was at least 4 times the size of a traditional style wheel.......fascinating. We saw butter and cheese making, smoking in the Elizabethan kitchen, met and thoroughly fussed the new Shire horses, ate a splendid picnic, saw the water mill working, fed ducks, drunk lots of tea in the .......wait for it........SUNSHINE!!!!! Then we made our foot sore weary way home, decided we were too tired to cook so treated ourselves to Fish-n-chips from the local chippy, who gives such generous portions that 2 cod and chips feeds the 3 of us with chips to spare!

Today is such a lovely day again (this from someone who hates summer and hot weather, but it is nice to have a dry day), we've decided rather than battle the crowds who will flock to be out of doors etc, that a day pottering in the garden would be nice and give our feet time to recover.

Might go to Brighton Kite Festival tomorrow. Although after all the years when we were so involved with it all, it will feel odd and I'm not sure about revisiting the past.

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Batty said...

Enjoy the sunshine!