Thursday, July 26, 2007

A little of what you fancy

does you good!
This is what I am spinning at the moment. It's a blend of baby camel fibre and silk which I got from Scottish Fibres ages ago when I bought a drop spindle from them. I wanted to get my spinning more under control before I used it on the wheel and now feel confident enough to spin it. Here it is. It is so very soft and I love the natural toffee colour. Only downside....its fluff gets everywhere - I am smothered in it. I only have a little left to spin - now I just have to decide whether to ply it or leave it as a single.
I was so impressed with the 1st dress that the other evening unable to settle to anything (mind is still a whirling fuckwit bath) that I made another one - this time modelled by Suki my Asian Butterfly Blythe. I have two more cut on the work table. M is at a family conflab (blood family members only *phew* lets me out) tonight so I might sew one of them then or maybe I'll just veg out with some knitting......after switching the phone off!


Allie said...

Beautiful spinning and sewing! I am impressed by the way you can be so productive when going through a difficult time. I'd like to be more like that as it must be healthier than just flopping about eating chocolate, which is what I do.

glittrgirl said...

I love those dresses!!!

Zonda said...

Beautiful fiber!! Nice job on those tiny dresses..yikes so small! ;)

Batty said...

Beautiful spinning, and the Blythe dress is very cute.