Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Named and news.

Here is the stole all blocked and dry. It is lovely and the yarn is so soft. I am pleased with it. The Knitty girls came up with some great names Kathrows suggested 'Stoldemort', Glittr suggested 'Onandonandon' but the one I liked the best and thought suited it the most was suggested by Bluepeninsula , she came up with the name 'Tulipa' so that's what I'll call it - thank you to everyone who came up with ideas - much appreciated. I am still WIPing but found and completed one that I'd forgotten about, a little beaded bracelet, picture in due course. So with yet another WIP morphing into a FO, I spent a good part of yesterday working on a new stole design - I'm 14 rows in and it's looking like it's going to work ;-). Question is how long will this one take?
And because everyone needs a little Conkers to make the week a better place (and oh boy do I need a better place this week) here he is. On his (?????) suede beanbag chair!

Other stuff.

Filled a whole bobbin of BFL, made a start on bobbin number 2.

Wasted hours looking at travel prices within the UK - truly shocking!!!

Loobles went back for her checkup - she's A-OK *phew* just getting cantankerous in her old age. The vet reckons Dallys get set in their ways and each dog gets their own little quirks. Well this is certainly true of Boobies! Yesterday one of Ma's cronies popped round with her dog........Looby-lou doesn't like strange dogs in HER house, she'd just got back from the vets and had had her check and her annual jabs so she was shall I put it? Pissed - about sums it up. Chaos ensued - dog fur dental floss, she almost had mangy mutt for her dinner *sigh*.

J has new glasses - he looks so cool. He was well happy as the lady in the opticians made a point of telling him he was the most polite boy of his age she'd ever met.....*swells with maternal pride*

Lastly, this one is sad. My last Great Uncle died yesterday, he was 86 and it was sudden. I haven't seen him since I was 11 or 12. But he was one of those people who stayed with you. I remember he (and his wife) always had a lot of time for a little girl who was rather shy. He'd play 'Pong' with me for hours and I had a very soft spot for him. I don't know why we stopped visiting, they only lived in London. Obviously, I was shocked to hear he'd died but I was surprised at the sadness I felt too. The world will be a less jolly and less kind place without him.

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glittrgirl said...

Sad news, great name for stole, and OH THAT CONKERS!