Sunday, July 01, 2007

The 'no-name' stole.

I started this stole ages ago. Got one ball in and got a bit fed up with lace. So it was subject to a hiatus. The WIP along galvanised me to get the old metaphorical finger out and finish it. The 1st picture shows it, unblocked, straight off the needles.
Here is a close up of the stitch pattern on the blocking mat. The horrible blue colour of the mat does detract from the lovely colour of the KnitPicks Shimmer - but the pattern is shown in good definition.
Here it is full length, on the the dinning room table. The mat is an old foam groundsheet (adult size) which may give you some indication of length.
Flow of pattern.

This took 2 balls of Shimmer, knitted on 3.75mm Addi Turbo. The pattern is my own and is as yet nameless as I cannot for the life of me think of a name.......suggestions/ideas welcome. The stole took 40,734 stitches in total. I will post modelled shots when it's all dry.


jeffner77 said...

I like the variegation over the pattern! I am looking for a pink for a shawl so this will be followed up! Sorry that I'm not creative in the naming department, but I'm sure you'll get suggestions at the knitty coffeeshop.

Zonda said...

Just beautiful!

Maggie said...

Swallowtail, like the butterfly, some images here:

Such a pretty flowing pattern. It also makes me think of a goblet or chalice, or cupped hands.

Best wishes from wet Liverpool

Batty said...

Beautiful. Love the pattern and yarn.

Jo said...

Beautiful stole, I'm not good on the naming thing either, happy belated birthday to J, I've been living it up at Woolfest...full reort later!