Wednesday, July 18, 2007


pictures! Have still not remembered to buy batteries, so borrowed J's camera instead - if photo's are crap, blame me - I have 'L' plates for his very complicated gadget! Here is the 2nd lot of merino/silk mix. The colour is called Raspberry - but the top picture is the truest color wise.
I love the sheen. I Navajo plied this skein - it is glossy, even and soft and I love it.
Yay for Woollyrockers! I used one of their free patterns to make this during a bout of knitting ADD on Sunday. It's as good a use of sock yarn scraps as any and I'm sure the Blythe's appreciate it.
Hurrah - socks. Again beset by ADD here are two halves of two pair. The turquoise (which is more green in reality) is from and is called 'Flicker' I adore Cookie's patterns and am quite addicted to making them. The yarn is Opal Uni and they are knitted on 2.5mm ebony dpns. The other sock is a good ole plain vanilla sock with a short row heel. But, look at the colours - talk about a sunset in a sock! The yarn is from Dee at it is her Emily yarn and it is so soft. It knits more on a double knit or 6 ply thickness - so I worked it on 3mm Brittany Birch dpns over 48 sts. I have cast on for both their mates.
Close up (abeit a bit blurry) of 'Flicker' pattern.

Other stuff.

Am now spinning my baby camel and silk mix, pure unadulterated bliss - spins like a dream and is so pretty.

Am finally getting around to reading and completing the Dfes Home-ed Consultation - nothing like leaving it a bit late - has to be in by 31/07. *sigh* I thought when I finished my studies I wouldn't have to wade through any more child related government docs like this. Ah, well if you don't speak up you can't complain or protest if you don't like what they do - can you?

Took J to see latest Harry Potter movie yesterday - it's bloody good. Best one so far - imho - wonderful effects. Apart from the rustle of his popcorn bag nary a peep or movement from J for the whole 2 1/2 hours. He also saw trailers of at least 2 other movies - Transformers & Simpsons - which I am informed he 'needs' to see. Hmmmmm I think M can take him to the Simpsons one! I laughed out loud at his reaction to one trailer though......Bratz - real life - I mean, I ask you.....what next? He made wonderful retching and vomiting noises to express his disgust while I just sat and laughed. What a good mother?

So I better get on - read this document whilst I wait for the Gas Man to come and service the boiler - life is just too exciting sometimes.

*****To Anon poster on old Torvesta post*****

I will also reply on the post you commented on in case you don't normally read my blog.

I've made this pattern twice now - both quite a while ago - I've checked the pattern and my notes and I made no comment about having problems with the straps at all. Looking at the bags the ridge is there - so I am assuming I just carried on with the pattern using a shortened version on rows 1 & 3 as established. Hope this helps.

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Jo said...

Well firstly I had to go and find out what a Blythe doll was...oh if only money were no object there's a pretty little thing with mohair hair..a snip at £120, but anyway, lovely yarn and some great socks beig knitted there, Neo would like to see Harry Potter and the Simpsons and Transformers but unfortunately he has to wait for the dvd as he's only 3, I don't think they'll let him in!