Sunday, July 08, 2007


My 1st attempt at plying on the Ashford Traveller - boy it's much easier with the built in lazy kate, much smoother and took a fraction of the time.
Here it is - all plied, washed dried and skeined......pretty BFL, I think.
Look, the babies are really starting to relax around each other. This is the closest that they've ever slept. Mind you, Loobles still enjoys bouncing and barking at both the cats, though Conkers doesn't really take a lot of notice of her now.
Tiny proving for a spider he has a fat arse!

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Batty said...

The yarn looks amazing! It's so even and squishy and the color is gorgeous.

The critters look very floppy -- except for the cute fuzzy spider. I guess cute fuzzy spiders like it hot and humid.