Monday, July 16, 2007

The good, the bad and the.....

downright annoying! That about sums up this weekend. So I decided that I'd post nice images to cheer myself up. Here is a flower from our pumpkin plant - that M is so tenderly nurturing.

On the good side M bought me these on Saturday. We planned a romantic evening which was some what disrupted by the bad and the annoying.
So here are the plus points.......
We did get a bit of romance which was wonderful. I marvel at how our loves still grows and is so strong after being together so long!
I did some knitting and spinning.
I watched the Tour de France - mountain stages - tres exciting.
J was good, very good.
Now for some of the bad and the downright annoying.............
M was on call - so the best laid plans for Saturday got fucked up! 6 months of the year he's on call 24/7 - 2 weeks out of every 4 - he isn't paid enough and it really messes with all we want to do.
The MIL of absolute evil kicked off - 2nd time in one week. This time she infected both SIL's - who didn't deserve it. This kicked off Sat evening (time of romance!!!) M got drawn into it slightly - *rolls eyes* - that women has been messing with my life for 24 years.
*big sigh*
Camera ran out of batteries - so no piccies of knitting and spinning.
This morning my Mother has made my son cry twice *sighs again* she had a vicious tongue on her when we were kids - with age it has matured. But once again I am the meat in the sandwich.
On the plus is cooler today :-)

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