Sunday, July 29, 2007

Keeping my hands busy...

keeps me sane - in these mad times.

So all the Blythe's now have new summer (?) frocks. I haven't sewn this much in a long time.
Camel and silk mix Navajo plied.
It is so soft. The pretty flowers are courtesy of M.

Life is still mad. Grief brings out the worst in some people and lots of pain and hurt is being spread around.

We are distancing ourselves as much as we can. We intend to sever some ties completely after the funeral as too much damage has been done. I can't understand why some people have to hurt others to counter their own pain.

We are strong. We have cried our eyes dry. We will come through this stronger. Like many people before when the chips are down..... I knit, I sew, I bake, I spin........busy hands to still an unquiet mind.


Jo said...

Your Blythe's are looking very stylish, great to see what your busy hands are conjuring up under such difficult circumstances, best wishes x

Zonda said...

Cute dresses! Still in awe of tiny sewing. Beautiful handspun too!

Sorry to hear that things have turned out that way, which sometimes does with family. Just hold your own family closer, and take care!

Lynn said...

I'm wishing you peace for the future. Take care...

Batty said...

Very nice Blythe dresses, but that handspun... it gleams and shimmers and looks ever so squishy. No chance I'll sweet talk you into sending it my way, right?

Right. This never works, but I had to try.

I'll just send some peaceful thoughts your way, then.