Monday, July 16, 2007

No, no, no,no,no.................

the MIL monster has struck again. Please someone, somewhere take me away from all this!!!!!!!

The saga grows and worsens by the hour.

It's her birthday tomorrow - you have to ask yourself is this attention seeking?

Well it's in vain as she forget M's birthday (New Years Eve - for fuck sake, my 40th and J's 10th) - no card, no phone call. I always remind M of her birthday - not this year.

Oh well.....we all have things to try us.....she is one of mine.

Back to plying my silk/merino raspberry coloured spinning.

I think I might switch off the phone first.


Jo said...

Sorry to see the mil has been rearing it's ugly head again, spinning seems to be a cure all for me, makes me feel all chilled when the world is running to chaos.

Batty said...

Spinning. Merino. Those are good words. Stick with that, ignore everything else.

Anonymous said...

update your profile....your lad is 10 now. xxxxxx