Monday, January 11, 2010

About bloody time.

1) It's starting to melt!

2) Finally off the needles, sewn up, blocked and lovely.
Klaralund Take 2. Pattern by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton, yarn Manos Wool-Silk blend, needles 6mm. This was started March 09 finished yesterday. I can't remember how many skeins I bought at GK last January but I have two and half left. This is the most boring knit, it is even too boring to be TV knitting and I had to make myself sit and finish it because I couldn't stand it lurking in the corner anymore. It's Take 2 because I've made one of these in the required Noro Silk Garden a few years back and I've worn it once, tried it on a million times, it fits fine but it is sooooo itchy to me, even with a T-shirt under it, I can't stand it. I am too lazy to frog it, plus I hate unpicking Noro, so every now and then I admire it, try it on, rip it off and put it away. The Manos is not itchy, it is soft and drapey and I likes it.
Woke up this morning 100%, firing on all cylinders, got up, went to bathroom, went back to bed to drink coffee - made something pop out in my left shoulder. It is total agony. Now slathered in red Tiger Balm and moving in a lopsided manor. Ow ow ow!


Jo said...

Gorgeous! Let's see a shot of you in it for a change?

Jo said...

Sort of read the post in 2 halves, sorry about shoulder, hope you feel better soon xxx