Monday, January 25, 2010

Time warp...forgotten

Revived an old friend today. In fact it's been sooooooo verrrrrry long since I did any weaving, I couldn't remember how to warp her up! I had to to resort to getting out the book - shame on me.
But with lots of rude words and quite a bit of back ache - I warped her up. Did two double warps at one end to give some relief and texture, thought about doing it all across but it was too much like hard work.

Progress so far. I am a little rusty. I haven't used my loom since I bought my first spinning wheel. However I'm getting there slowly - it is like riding a bike.
Nerdy Stuff.
Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom. 10 dpi 40/10cm heddle (600mm).
Warp is Opal sock yarn - using leafy green, purple and turquoise.
Weft is hand spun merino/tencel in shades of green/cream interspersed with turquoise merino fibre.
I also did some........wait for it........can you guess?........yes.........spinning! I decided to listen to Women's Hours on Radio 4 this morning, as I actually had an hour to kill, so while I listen I sat and spun. Go me.

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