Friday, January 15, 2010

Round em up, move em out.

It's been a relaxing week for some.
And there has been some knitting. I don't often post WIP's so I thought I would just for a change.
Above is the start of the latest big garment project. I normally have one of these on the go, so this is the Klaralund replacement. This is Harriet from 'A Fine Fleece' by Lisa Lloyd. I cast on for this on Monday and haven't had time really to get very far. I'm using a 4mm circular and Jo Sharp's Silkroad DK Tweed in a dusky mauve colour.

I love this pattern. It's a Cocoon Stitch Half Circle Shawl, the pattern is from 'Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls' by Martha Waterman. I started this over Christmas and it is a slow grower and I need quiet to knit it - so a long term project then (lol). Knitting on a 2.5mm Addi lace circular using Touch Yarns NZ Merino in 4 ply. The colourway reminds me of 70's random yarn, the shawl pattern kind of suits it.

Tessellating Lace Socks by Kat Haines (free pattern on Ravelry). This pair is for me, the last ones I gave to my SIL. Knit in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Embers on 2.75mm circs. The progress so far is all from 1 skein. I balled up skein number 2 last night and then didn't knit a stitch, got caught up in watching the directors cut of Amadeus.

Crap photo sorry - J has the decent camera clogged up with his stuff so I had to use the old shitter. This is the Upstairs Shawl by Michaela Behrends (free pattern on Ravelry) this is my pick up and put down knitting. It is growing and I love it but I abandon it often for months. It's knit in very fine laceweight kid mohair blend from Nimu ( that I got from the 2008 Knitting Safari. It is a lovely blend of pinks and lilacs much more subtle than this picture shows. This isn't for me - I will gift it somewhere - I can't wear mohair but I just loved the colour and wanted to knit it.
Finished reading ' Fruit of the Lemon' by Andrea Levy - really good book. Enjoyable read, enough humour to lift the more serious aspects and surprisingly un-put-downable. Not sure what to read next though.......have lots to choose from.

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Hey Peri, belated happy new year to you and the mr. Hope 2010 brings you and yours lots of good things. Helen x