Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Going, going, nearly all gone.

Every year M's older sister makes him a Christmas cake. Above is this years, with lovely handmade poinsettias. The reason she makes him a cake is mainly due to the fact that she makes the best cake and also due to the fact that I don't really like fruit cake. This particular Christmas cake is the only one I've tasted that I quite like, however, I have had one bite out of the first slice that M cut, that's it. J has had nibbles a few little bits of icing, all the rest have been scoffed by the household cakemeister!

The last few cm's are being used up, each day in M's lunch box. It's days are numbered. Mind you, he still has a couple of mini Christmas puds (his other passion at this time of year) stashed away in the store cupboard, they have a date of 02/11, I very much doubt they'll survive that long.


Batty said...

Wow, that's a lovely cake! What are the poinsettias made of? Are they edible?

peri said...

They are edible made of sugar but SIL said probably best not to - as so much red colour in them and they are wired underneath. J was rather disappointed,