Friday, January 01, 2010

Step over the threshold

To make changes or to resolve to do or be something doesn't require a change in the year - after all - like everything else a year is just a number or another measure of time. The concept of a new direction doesn't need a 12 monthly threshold, a challenge you decide to take can be made on a new day, a new hour, a new minute or just on a whim 27 seconds into a minute. I've never understand this idea of resolving to change stuff just because a number has got one bigger. I also don't understand why change happens because it is felt it should because a number has changed, time has creaked a little further forward - what would we do if we hadn't come up with the concept of time? Perhaps everyone would resolve to change when the apples trees came into blossom? Or maybe people would just do stuff when they felt it was the right time to do it not just because of a tick of a clock or because every other silly sod is doing it.

Maybe, now here's a wacky concept, we'd all just accept who and what we are at this time of year and not try and set ourselves a 100 impossible goals in the middle of winter? Why is acceptance so much harder than change? Why does changing something make the future seem more positive and better?

We are very strange creatures if you ask me.

For what it's worth happy new number, happy new time measurement. But remember a number changing doesn't necessarily change you.


Batty said...

True, we don't change, at least not fundamentally. But there is the occasional little... quirk that would benefit from a bit of modification, and I figure January 1 is as good a date to mark the beginning of change as any other. Sometimes, it works... sometimes, it doesn't.

Besides, my mother is going to chase me up and down the house if she comes for a visit in September and the closet is so full of yarn, she can't hang her clothes...

Mitchypoo said...

Hi Peri,
I loved this post, it really made me think. I always do get the feeling of change at this time of year, but I also don't like the idea of failure. So today I accept where I am.