Friday, January 22, 2010

Descriptive phrase for this week.

'Like standing on the top of the Beacon and pissing against the wind.'

Apt, very, very apt.

Boy has banged heads with everyone this week. I'm putting it down to hormones and growing pains but the truth is he's an A-hole, but then with M and I for parents etc. It's a phase, it will pass. On some levels he's great, it's just that his mouth is growing much faster than his brain.

Fergus has been poorly. He's eaten something, somewhere and it has upset his bum, and I mean seriously. He's on a light diet, lots of rice but every night this week he's had an accident and we've had middle of the night clean-ups. It's so hard to get back to sleep afterward.

Reading - book stylie am reading K-Pax by Gene Brewer. Love the film, both Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges are brilliant in it. The book is better though and it's the trilogy. I'm on book one as I have been listening more than reading. Ayala's Angel by Anthony Trollope, it's my favourite Trollope and I have read the book more than once, but I loved it even more on audio book. It's a LibraVox one, but the lady who read it was really good (thinks she's called tabithat or something like that). Last night I downloaded The Warden - another favourite - hope its telling is as good.

Spinning - nil.

Knitting - 1/2 a plain sock and lots on my lace stole.

Housework and chores - mountains of them, never ending.

Weekend - hurrah! J has a sleepover tonight - so lots of silly noises will ensue.

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Jo said...

Never heard of K-Pax or the film will wait for your review on Good Reads and maybe earmark it for future reading if it sounds interesting. Although my A-hole is smaller than yours, I think he's probably worse already!