Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I have angry eyes

Not literally. I am not Mr Potato Head.....or maybe I am? Who knows? Who cares?

Yesterday was a crappy day. I hurt my shoulder as mentioned, then realised that all I had was two paracetamol in the house. "Don't worry" says M "I bring some Rhino Tranqs home for you."
"Hurrah!" says I "You won't be late will you? I could go to the chemist but it is so painful, I'm worried if I slip on the ice that I'll make it worse."
"No." says my hero "Me bring, me big Hero, you snuggle."

You guessed it. The shit hit the fan at M's work and he was seriously late home. By 5.oo the pain was making my eyes water. Not his fault, shit happens. But OMG of all the days to be late. To top it off. I'm downstairs whilst dinner cooks, knowing that M is now on route with aforementioned Dinosaur-Stoppers when Ma pipes up....."I have some Nurofen if you need it." She was only about 4 hours too late with that little snippet, bless her.

Today I have painkillers. Today it isn't as bad. Today I can forget the pain, then I move, forgetting the pain and it's like someone stuck me with a hot knife in my left elbow, left shoulder and the left side of my neck.....and it hurts to knit! I can't walk the babies either cos Lottie thinks she's a train and Fergus thinks he's a tank. I can't even get pissed to forget all of this cos I'm on painkillers (plus I've nothing to get pissed on). Mind you, this could also equate to being unable to push the hoover and lift a duster? But without being able to fill the time with knitting - what is the point?

Tomorrow will be better.


Allie said...

Poor you! Thanks sounds really horrid. This grey weather is all rather depressing too, isn't it?

Wibbo said...

What a nightmare! I bet you felt like strangling Ma..... Hope the pain eases up soon; it's a bugger not being able to knit. J x

Batty said...

Your poor sholder! I hope you feel better soon.