Thursday, January 07, 2010

Cozy dogs, crazy icicles.

The babies have the right idea! Though this was taken after a very long snow adventure. Poor Fergus was weighed down with snow balls in his fur. Lottie's coat is a double one so she doesn't feel the cold as much and doesn't get snowed up. A quick rub down with a towel and she's back to normal. Bogey has to be stood in a bowl of warm water to melt the snow off him and them have a severe rub down. He loves the snow then kills the towel.
A rather large icicle.

J took this the morning. Quite pretty but OMG I wish they'd go. Snow makes life complicated our Close is snowed in and this morning iced up. M has to get to work via a the worlds biggest ice rink...nice.
I don't have to be anywhere therefore I am going to continue to hibernate with a few chores and plenty of knitting.


Wibbo said...

I'm fed up with the weather too - want to get out and see folks and do things! Have plenty of food/knitting/books/audio books but going a little stir crazy...

Lilibet said...

Just found your blog through Ravelry.
Funny as we don't live too far away from you & also have a Scottie & 2 Border Terriors.Mad arent they?!!The Borders that is.