Sunday, January 24, 2010

Have you seen the muffin man?

Nope? Neither have I.

Had kid mania here yesterday. Two boys, lots of very silly behaviour, daft noises, video games and maniacal laughter at nothing at all. Lottie and Bogey love cousin A, especially Bogey who went all gooey over him.

Today is quieter. A slow start. A nice walk. A roast dinner. Maybe some down time with some knitting?

Finished K-Pax book one. Am already a 1/4 into book two. It's as good so far. I am really enjoying the mix of human mental frailty with extra-terrestrial possibilities, it works and is very clever.

Got a much quieter week this week. Am pleased about that as last week was just a blur of stuff, my head is still spinning (at least something round here is - lol.)

Might be able to catch up with some sleep too. Fergus is a lot better and managed all night without an accident, first time in 6 days! Mind you, Lottie knocked herself silly Friday afternoon, seriously, it was really scary, she was tottering around all unstable, her eyes were twitching and her head was at an angle. Scared the living poop of out me. Emergency vet trip, thorough exam and an anti-inflammatory jab, £40 - but well spent for the peace of mind etc. She's fine and dandy now - phew.

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Batty said...

I hate those emergency vet trips! You really deserve a quieter week after that one.