Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stop and start

It's been that kind of a week. All go or all nothing - weird.

Very little progress on anything much.

I started a shawl as a gift got to 200 hundred stitches (started with 4) realised I hated it and the yarn was too dense, so frogged it. Everything else is pretty much where it was last week. Oh, I also frogged the Harriet cardigan, again got so far up the back, realised it wasn't working for the yarn so into the frog pond it went.

Boy's went swimming with buddies yesterday for a large part of the day so I got some spinning done and cast on for some fancy socks as a replacement gift for the frogged shawl.

Read a little, listened a little but again little progress. Just been busy but with stuff that has nothing to show for it. Just one of 'those' weeks.

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Batty said...

I love spinning over the weekend. For some reason, I'm on a drop spindle kick. It's so much fun. Around and around and around. Besides, the cats want to eat the wheel...