Saturday, January 02, 2010

Berfday socks and other stories

A day or maybe a year late, depending on your perspective. But here are M's berfday socks. Very plain ole sock, deliberately mismatched (sorry Jan) on the strips.
Sleeping or laughing Lottie or maybe both? You decide.
What's been going on? Not a lot. Dog walking, relaxing, enjoying have M home and off call - it has been very nice. Too much food and booze. Watching movies - some really bad ones too. Dr Poo, DT goes bye-bye - did anyone else think it was a bit self indulgent or was that just me?
Quite a lot of knitting. Started a new shawl - loving it. Knitting in NZ merino 4 ply a very traditional pattern but it is so addictive. Over the holidays I finished 1 sleeve and cast on for the 2nd, also finished two pairs of socks. Frogged a couple of WIP's too. Now have only 4 projects. My Klaralund take two - just awaiting its 2nd sleeve, a stole, a shawl and 1, yes 1 pair of socks -that's it - oh apart from my crochet squares which is an ongoing thing I dip in and out of.
No spinning at all.
Reading - The Girl with Glass Feet by Ali Shaw - good but weird. Also reading Great Expectations with J and quite a lot of poetry.
Been listening to a lot of classical music. I love Radio 3. Also quite a bit of retro stuff. Yesterday I rediscovered Gary Numan's Dance album - forgotten just how much I love Mick Karn's fretless bass - dated but cool.
Planning a quiet couple of days - 2010 starts with raging PMT and a period - nice. But that will pass and it means the last couple of days of M home can be spent being lazy together.


Batty said...

Sounds like you need to curl up on the couch with music and/or a movie, some chocolate, and an easy knit. Lazy sounds good.

Love the happy stripy socks. They look like they're worth the wait. And Lottie seems to be having a really funny dog dream. I wonder what's funny to a dog.

Markiesnana said...

I click on blog after blog, and see people with photos of their socks.
I have been knitting for years....but I have this FEAR of trying socks. They seem so far out of my league!!! What am I afraid of? I can complete other things. Maybe I will determine in 2010 to try a sock pattern. Yes, I believe I will.

peri said...

Socks just look difficult -they are really easy - it's mainly all just knit stitch. I taught my husband to knit socks as his first ever project! Give it a go - post pictures - I'd love to see them.